A Life Less Ordinary ★★


perhaps the strangest entry in "watch a random film from ewan mcgregor's filmography" yet????

in the first 15 min:
-- holly hunter is an angel tasked to bring a man and woman together in holy matrimony and if she fails she has to stay on earth
-- cameron diaz is an outrageous heiress and she accidentally shoots stanley tucci, a dentist, in the head while practicing her aim
-- ewan mcgregor is a janitor attempting to write a trashy novel but he gets fired because he is being replaced by roombas
-- everyone’s hair is BEYOND AWFUL
-- mcgregor then goes postal, shows up to his workplace to murder the roomba and face the CEO, who is, of course, cameron diaz’s dad, and then shoots him and kidnaps her
-- obviously this was all arranged by holly hunter, a blue collar angel, to try and get ewan and cameron to fall in love???????

2 stars because this made me laugh extremely hard and I would be lying if I said I didn't enjoy it

also it ends with a claymation sequence

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