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Yes, I watched* this to prep for the mega-hyped Documentary Now! episode starring John Mulaney. But ALSO I watched it because I love DA Pennebaker and Sondheim, and am actually seeing this musical this weekend!

Ok so yes, I watched it mostly to be in on a joke, but as with everything else of Pennebaker's I've seen, this is a fantastic film. The music and performances are gorgeous, and getting that fly-in-the-wall perspective on the whole process is fascinating. The editing is beautiful considering the single camera and all of the sound.

But for me, the best part of the film is the fact that it somehow captures that ineffable feeling of being scrappy, messy, hopeful young artists working through the night and hating it and loving it all at the same time.

*I watched this through the library archive of the University I work for. It's nearly impossible to find!!!