Deception ★½

I have a weakness and it is crappy thrillers with amazing casts. Why do I do this to myself. These are movies meant to be watched on television by accident when you’re too lazy to change the channel or it’s the only thing on at the hotel and yet every few months I actively seek one out. I pay money for it. What sadistic desire makes me want to watch actors of caliber struggle through hideously cliche lines of dialogue that are inevitably mixed with overloud, inevitably bizarre soundtracks. What is it about thin characterizations, nonsensical motivations, and film bro self-importance do I find so comforting. Why do I see the words “thriller” and “11% on Rotten Tomatoes” and think yes that is exactly what I want to watch and right now. I may never know, and in 4 months or so I will do this again.

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