Favorite films

  • The Texas Chain Saw Massacre
  • Jaws
  • Labyrinth

Recent activity

  • Ron's Gone Wrong

  • The Matrix Resurrections

  • GoodFellas


  • Grave Encounters

Recent reviews

  • Scream 2

    Scream 2

    every time i heard the Broken Arrow music i wished i was watching that instead

  • Freaky



    some thoughts written on my phone while watching:

    i liked this movie better when it was called The Hot Chick.

    god, i hate young people. and whatever young person wrote this dialogue.

    all of these characters, with the exception of serial killer man, are awful

    i don't like this actress.

    ha dumb jocks got what they deserved.

    i liked teenage girl Vince Vaughn but i hope serial killer Vince Vaughn kills this whole family. nope, why would this movie have…

Popular reviews

  • Room 237

    Room 237

    have you ever been cornered by a drunk friend/relative who thinks they know everything about a given subject and had to listen to them ramble on and on about their theories on said subject? that's what watching this movie is like except these people aren't drunk, they just have way too much time on their hands

  • A Nightmare on Elm Street: The Dream Child

    A Nightmare on Elm Street: The Dream Child


    the note on the fridge that says Things To Do: DIE BITCH makes me laugh every time