Dragon Inn

Dragon Inn ★★★★★


A perfect movie. Martial arts cinema has always been a blindspot for me, and I couldn’t think of a better introduction to the genre than this. Some of the greatest and most expertly composed action to ever grace the screen. There’s a remarkable patience and precision to how this unfolds throughout, which makes the sheer exultation of the fight sequences all the more thrilling. And even beyond the action, I also love the character work here; we can learn so much about a character just by seeing them toss a bowl of noodles across the room and have it land perfectly. As tight and economical as any film ever made, without a single ounce of fat to be found. The pacing is absolutely pitch-perfect, flowing with an intoxicating rhythm that often left me breathless. A new favorite of mine without a doubt; I could easily watch the whole thing over again right now.

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