The Irishman

The Irishman ★★★★★


“Everybody’s dead, Mr. Sheeran. It’s over. They’re all gone. Who are you protecting?”.

Been wanting to give this a rewatch since I watched it the weekend it came out, and I figured now was the perfect time. As much as I loved it the first time, I found even more to appreciate this time. One of Scorsese’s defining achievements; a culmination of almost everything he’s done over his career. He’s operating in the same milieu as Goodfellas and Casino, but through a much different lens. There’s no glamour or sensation to any of Frank’s work. That’s all it is—work. And Scorsese grapples with the weight of these actions and how the past comes back to haunt to a degree he never has before. The last third is still so devastating; Frank deteriorates as he has to live with such consequential actions, until all there’s left to do is sit and wait for someone to come through the door.

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