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  • Diary of a Pregnant Woman

    Diary of a Pregnant Woman


    Greenaway avant la lettre (and even shot by Sacha Vierny, too!).

  • New York, New York

    New York, New York

    A weirdly formless revisionist A Star Is Born, not that A Star Is Born needed revising in the first place. It works to an extent, though it probably wouldn't have worked at all with anyone other than De Niro. Very glad to have the full version of Happy (sappy) Endings, which is key to the ambivalence of the last 45 minutes or so (a.k.a. the interesting part).

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  • The Public Woman

    The Public Woman

    The library DVD stopped working with like 5 minutes to go, which really doesn't help the argument against piracy.

  • Lancelot of the Lake

    Lancelot of the Lake

    I like how Naomie Harris's character in A Cock and Bull Story describes the opening "battle" scene from Lancelot du Lac: men clobbering each other with swords. No glamor, no glory. The classic Bressonian close-ups of hands are complemented with close-ups on weapons and the legs of horses, hinting at how the combat is abstracted from everything around it, with no higher purpose.