Spider-Man: Far from Home ★★½

It's amazing how all these real locations still look like sound stages. It's funny because I actually went to many of the locations just six months before they filmed on my own European tour. The artifice is strong with this one.

MCU product number 23 is a generic character arc mixed with CGI and bland humour. What a surprise. I might be getting cynical in my older age, but this really is just another factory movie with no identity or personality.

It's not even bad, really. There's a really neat hallucinatory sequence, some decent music in the score, and all the acting is fine. I just miss the campiness and genuineness of Sam Raimi's films. I know this is it's own thing, but maybe it should try and actually be individual or interesting.

Is blockbuster film-making dead? Has the Disney bland machine completely dominated the box office? I'm having an existential crisis over here!