Wrong Turn ★★★½

When I watched the trailer for this reboot, I felt as I do with most horror reboots - disappointed. However after watching the movie, some of that disappointment went away, and it wasn't a bad movie after all. This definitely qualifies as a reboot rather than a remake, as it only takes the basic premise of the original, but takes it in new directions.

I won't lie - the start wasn't great. The introduction to the characters quickly shows that it was all about including as much diversity as possible (seemingly for no other reason than to tick boxes), and their personalities - or lack of - left me making a quick list of who I wanted to die first.

Once the forest action starts going though, you can forget about this and get into the story which takes a few welcome twists and turns. Sure, the characters seem to have a degree from the "Prometheus School of Running Away from Things", and there were some moments that really stretched the realms of believability, but on the whole once the 2nd act is in full swing, it's actually quite entertaining.

We have less outright gore than in the original Wrong Turn, though the violence is high impact and quite satisfying when it happens.

Persevere through the obnoxious introduction of the characters and there is a fun story here. Also make sure to not switch off as soon as the credits start rolling as the ending continues on, in a good way.

All in all, this movie could have taken it's own wrong turn into the pile of other shameless & pointless remakes, but ended up being not too bad at all. Just don't think too hard about it.