Bad Taste ★★★★★

First saw this bad boy back in the late 80's, shortly after it arrived at my local video library.
Must have rented it out maybe two dozen times altogether before the guy at the video library offered to sell it me because I had rented it so many times!
This might sound cliched, but I saw a rare talent in Peter Jackson even back then, and have followed his career with a frenzy ever since. Somehow I just knew he was gonna take the movie world by storm in a massive way one day. And a dozen years later, we had the beginning of The Lord Of The Rings saga.
Many people went back and discovered this after the fact that Jackson had become the golden boy in Hollywood, but I am proud to say I have been a fan since day one. His is a success story that anyone can aspire to, unbound by studio shirts taking creative control, Jackson is a law unto himself, as evidenced by this stomach churning gore classic.