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This review may contain spoilers.

Well this was a riot!
Not only is this visually stunning and easy on the eye, but the characters are extremely well fleshed out and the writing is tighter than a gnat's chuff.
I must firstly confess that undoubtedly like many others I have only a fleeting acquaintance with this Marvel title - only Rocket Raccoon strikes a spark of memory from years gone by, and only because of the sheer audacity of this character, having reminded me of a cross between Lobo and Howard The Duck.

But it's Peter Quill aka Starlord who is the central character here, inducing waves of laughter with his irreverent and inappropriate outbursts and general disregard for the epic scale of his predicament.
He is thrown together with two bounty hunters: the aforementioned Rocket and his Treebeardy sidekick Groot.
Accompanied by an ass-kicking daughter of the mysterious Thanos, and a giant escaped alien convict named Drax The Destroyer - who by channelling Robert E Howard is hilariously and blissfully unaware of the irony of his comrades.
Together, they end up whizzing across the galaxy as fugitives and thrown head first into an intergalactic brawl-for-all.

The story is fairly simple, but the way director James Gunn has approached this is absolute genius. At the risk of falling by the wayside of more famous - and serious - franchises Batman, Superman, Spiderman and the whole Avengers arc, Guardians is almost the antithesis of all these, without descending into full-blown comedy spoof territorty, which would have undoubtedly consigned this to the scrap heap amid such giants of the box office.

Each of the main characters is extremely memorable, with lines you may still be quoting years from now. The villains are excellent, particularly the prime antagonist Ronan The Accuser, who will make a brilliant action figure.
The writing is absolutely spot on, with very little fat to bog down the story and pace of the movie.

It thrills on all levels, and I'd say, honestly, this is the most entertaining film I've seen since The Avengers, and maybe even more so than that.

In closing, as with many Marvel titles, it's worth loitering until after the credits for a stinger that sums up the spirit of Guardians Of The Galaxy perfectly.

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