Distant Voices, Still Lives

Distant Voices, Still Lives ★★★★★

Terence Davies creates films that really does feel like peeping into someones memories so effortlessly and flawlessly. The whole piecing of events within the film feel so authentic to reminiscing your past. Especially with how certain events can either contrast or compare to each other. However the use of the singing from the characters is what truly made the film as impactful it was. A lot of the scenes in the pub with characters singing felt like one of their greatest sources of escapism from their troubled lives, especially for the women in toxic marriages to uncaring men. I think the most powerful use of music was the scene of domestic abuse juxtaposed with Taking a Chance on Love by Ella Fitzgerald. As much as I do love The Long Day Closes, and also regard it as a masterpiece, I think this is the Davies film I am willing to call my favorite.

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