Parasite ★★★★★

Finally got the chance to rewatch this at a theater near me and fuck, this film is just as effective as it was the first time, arguably more so. I won't try to repeat what I basically said in my previous review, but really from the very first shot to the very last. Bong Joon Ho takes us on an emotionally gripping journey that feels less like individual scenes, but more like each act feels like a grand symphony that transition into each other effortlessly.

I also wanna quickly touch on Parasites best picture win cause I was thinking about it as I was sitting down in my seat. I honestly expected to be the only one in the audience since this films been playing in this theater since October and it was decently crowded. It really is amazing that people have become gravitated to this film because of its win. Some people won't like that its subbed, but for the people who do get something out of Parasite its a possibility that it could be their gateway to exploring more foreign cinema. If Parasite can achieve that, it deserves the status of a classic in film. Masterpiece

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