Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure

Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure ★★★★★

Much smarter than it's given credit for and wonderfully played by Winter and Reeves. Not just a classic for nostalgia reasons, it really is a fun and funny as hell film. They're nice guys just trying to pass a goddamned class when all that's on their mind is rock music and babes. Could be a page in anybody's teenage years.

"Want a Twinkie Ghengis Khan?"

Ted: Dude, what if we're lying?
Bill: Why would we lie to ourselves?

Personal side note: Shot mostly in the Phoenix, AZ area, it's always a lot of fun to spot the locations that Bill & Ted are in. I know exactly where that Circle K is on Hardy St. in Tempe. San Dimas High School is Coronado High School on the Phoenix/Scottsdale border. The bowling alley that just says BOWL was for awhile turned into AMF Lanes on Rural & 60. And most mind blowing to me is the waterslide segment shot at Golfland/Sunsplash on Alma School & 60. When Napoleon is on top of the waterslide for the first time, one can spot the 60 behind him. Back when it was 2 lanes to today's 10. I know nobody else outside of AZ gives a shit. But to have a movie I love so much shot near me is a small thrill for this film geek. And to find that information out at 10 when this was probably my all time favorite movie blew my little mind. Going to Sunsplash that summer for me was like walking the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

"Bill & Ted were here!!!!"
"Dude, who cares? C'mon guys, let's leave the geek behind and go hit some slides."
"This is where the lady paid for the 11 kids and Napoleon snuck in...guys?.....GUYS?!!"

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