Antichrist ★★★★★

Antichrist left quite an impression on me. The level of creativity and originality in this movie is rare and comparable with masterpieces like Eraserhead by David Lynch.

Let me start by stating that this movie is clearly one of those 'either you love it or hate it' cases. The explicit sexual content and unconventional approach to horror is definitely not suitable for Hollywood aficionados.

Lars von Trier proves he is a true maestro in establishing a very effective feeling of disturbance throughout the movie, without resorting to hackneyed horror clichés.

The cinematography is breathtakingly beautiful, like a very dark fairy-tale, and there are a number of scenes that gave me goosebumps to an extent I haven't felt for quite a long time. The goosebumps even return while I write this, which illustrates the impression this movie made on me.

I also loved the poetic symbolism in Antichrist. It just all fits together so well-balanced. My sincere respect for the creators of this rare gem.

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