Tenebre ★★★

Finally, I've seen my first Argento, after many years of anticipation. 😃

The good news:
• Loved the analog synth soundtrack.
• Loved the color schemes, screen compositions, early-1980s aesthetic and overall design.
• Loved the cool camera pans.

The bad news:
• Disliked the bad audio dubbing. It really diminished my involvement.
• The predominantly mediocre performances didn't convince me as well.
• The plot was also not doing its best to be credible.

As Tenebre is balancing on the edge between a solid thriller and campy 1980s slasher horror, it left me a bit ambivalent. All in all, I wouldn't label this a masterpiece or a classic.

I'll have to see some more Argento films before I can decide whether his work is overrated or not, in my humble opinion.

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