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After a freak automobile accident involving a swan in front of the Rotterdam Zoo leaves two women dead and a third—Andrea Ferréol’s Alba—with just one leg, the twin zoologist widowers of the deceased (Eric and Brian Deacon) become obsessed with decomposition, crafting time-lapse films of decaying flesh, and, alongside Gerard Thoolen’s unsavory surgeon, recruiting newly shared paramour Alba into experiments involving animal symmetry. A similar passion for symmetry unifies Greenaway’s films, and…

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The late Chantal Akerman was only 24 years old when she and her nearly all-female crew made this, her 1975 masterpiece, proclaimed the greatest film ever made in the 2022 Sight & Sound poll. Over the course of three days—distilled into three entrancing hours of cinema—the life of a woman (Delphine Seyrig) is not just captured but articulated, not with big dramatic turns but with the repetitive, near-tedious, yet hypnotically compelling natural rhythms…

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The psychedelic carpets lining our hotel hallways, casinos, and convention centers can be traced to one town: Dalton, Georgia, the “Carpet Capital of the World.” In this bastion of American manufacturing, we find an interwoven set of locals who are the unsung creators and developers behind the majority of the country’s carpets, always looking at the ground for their next big break.

Among them is Roderick James, a Scottish expat and freelance textile designer…

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Comodin’s singularly audacious film is a timeline-skipping reverie in triptych form: in its first chapter, two young men, Arturo and Tomasso, escape the battlefields of World War II to enjoy a rustic idyll in the golden Aosta Valley of northwestern Italy; in the second, a folk tale involving a wolf’s abduction of a young Frenchwoman, Ariane, is first recounted, then visualized in modern dress; in the third,…

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Typical Kaufman (atypical Anyone Else), so: 

Simultaneously dripping with cynicism and glowing with hope, the cold steel skeleton of high-concept sci-fi fleshed up with the warm fuzziness of human oddity. It aches, it flutters, it looks and feels like nothing else on Earth and yet it pins down more or less exactly how it feels to love and feel on Earth

Past Lives

Past Lives


the last ten minutes of this movie are genuinely so gut-wrenching i could talk about how this movie makes me feel for HOURS




we need a movie like this for every president. i want kirsten dunst and michelle williams to intervene in all 46 presidencies.




Fuck having a boss fr