Love Exposure

Love Exposure ★★

Go fuck your mother. Cartoonish, overly long and visually lifeless, it looks like it was filmed with a Nokia 6500. The first hour is engaging but the movie keeps a tone that is too over the top and one-dimensional for the audience to seriously connect with any of the (many) themes it explores, it has the emotional depth of Sharkboy and Lavagirl. A shame, considering the acting is decent and the soundtrack is great. The most sinful thing this movie does is waste Beethoven on pitifully adolescent scenes that look like they came out of a Mexican soap opera. I have never seen so much shouting in such a horny movie, people are constantly tense.
This isn't a total disaster by any means, there's some fun to be had and some memorable quotes: "Life is what you make it, being a pervert is just one way of life". It has some genuinely entertaining moments, but it loses steam as it drags on. The story at its core is sad, filled with abuse, violence, control and manipulation, but Sono treats those heavier themes the same way he does the light ones, it's a movie that would be infinitely better if it was made by Filthy Frank. Nobody in this movie is portrayed like a human being, these are anime characters brought to life, and this might have worked as a cartoon. Rotten Tomatoes calls this an "ambitious exploration of sexual behavior". A cinematic curiosity, nothing more.