Friday the 13th Part III

Friday the 13th Part III ★★★★

2nd movie of a 5 movie marathon at The Alamo Drafthouse for Exhumed Films Guilty Pleasures Marathon IV in 3-D.  

Love the opening credits and music they are really great and set the tone nicely. 
Much better than the last film, this is how 3-D is done.  Eyes, spears and yo-yo's projectiled towards the camera with great regularity. Not the best of the Friday movies but it's definitely far from the worst.  It's sort of in the middle of the pack but noteworthy alone for the introduction of the iconic hockey mask. Definitely worth seeing if you ever get the opportunity to see it in 3-D in a theater.

The most ridiculous thing actually is in the beginning of the original 3-D version in the theater which states something to the effect of..."This film is in 3-D but the first few minutes are not in 3-D. But you still need to wear the 3-D glasses anyway".  

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