The Blair Witch Project ★★½

-- (Belated) Blind Spot May 2018 --

What I usually complain about with horror movies is that they show you too much. Even at the end of The Conjuring, when we've seen a few gross things, the suspense starts to wear off. There's something to be said about the few films that basically don't show you anything at all - like this one. I did like that choice. I also enjoyed the set-up and motivation behind the plot. However, I didn't think that the suspense was built well enough, and honestly, that may be a by-product of seeing it so late, after countless worse found-footage flicks. I saw where it was going and I didn't care enough about any one. All of the characters were annoying to me from the get-go, so as a viewer, I felt outside of the story and not engaged with it.
However, it was cool to see where the FF trend started and I'm happy to write another horror classic off my list.