The Philadelphia Story ★★★★½

-- Blind Spot January 2016 --

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How have I been missing out on Katherine Hepburn until now?! The first film I saw her in was Bringing Up Baby, my blindspot for November of last year. I loved her non-chalant, frame bursting self-confidence in it, as well as the way she talked, walked and every single expression on her face. The Philadelphia Story gives me the same thing and even more of it. Here, Hepburn isn't only spoiled and loud, but also arrogant and cold as ice. I LOVE IT.
Even though this film also features Cary Grant (!) and (!) James Stewart (!) - who are both perfectly cast - this is a Hepburn show. It's almost as if she didn't really belong in her time, being as feisty, unemotional and independent as she is. Simultaneously though, she is just so wonderfully 40s from the outside. Uperclass 40s, that is.
The Philadelphia Story also happens to be one of the funniest older comedies I have seen. The jokes just keep coming all the time and some of them have a really great build-up that you just don't seem to see much more these days. In particular, a scene in which James Stewart gets hilariously drunk, is one of my favorites. It's also refreshing how you never see any of the happenings in this film coming - this is typical for a screwball comedy, but if you're not used to that genre, it's a welcome escape from the more serious films of the 30s and 40s.
The Philadelphia Story is better than any of the films I saw for the blindspot blogathon last year, so I really hope this is an indicator of good things to come. I have always suspected that I'm more of a 40s/50s girl than a 20s/30s one, so here's proof no. 1.

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