A Teacher

A Teacher ★★½

Episodes watched: 3

* A teacher seduces a soon to be 18yo high school student. Yet the show doesn't really show it off as bad (yet), and almost glamorises grooming with this strange pop song choices. So basically making it really hard to be disturbed by this... and I think it's doing this on purpose? Maybe it will turn things around by the end of the series but 3 episodes in, I'm getting a much different vibe from this.

* I like Nick Robinson in whatever he is so I'm enjoying his performance.

Rating: 4

Episodes watched: 4

* First three episodes were dropped all at once and I feel like after a week the momentum died a little.

* But ah yes, the grooming sort of starts here. Yet there's not a lot of tension here to be a weekly show. I feel like this episode ended on a very unexciting note.

Rating: 3,5

Episodes watched: 5

She's an actual idiot. This episode just further showed how she's doing pretty much no manipulation and is probably the dumbest person ever. Like... this was so stupid.

Rating: 2,5

Episodes watched: 6

I feel like the momentum from the beginning of the show is slowly dying off and A Teacher is just... sizzling out. The aspect of grooming is not well portrayed here, it's almost as if their glamorising the relationship and making their illegal relationship into a tragic love story.

Nothing against the acting. Robinson is good here, Mara holds up well.. but it's just the story itself is so badly approached and it just makes no sense. It needs to hit harder, and it's not hitting at all. Just a waste.

Rating: 2

Episodes watched: 9

It's getting progressively more dull. It's like the beginning of the series threw everything at you at once but then decided to gradually crawl to the end. It took me ages to catch up with ep 7, 8 and 9. Now I have one episode left I think and it feels like the 9th just set up three episodes at once or something.

One of the things that has stood out is that it is still romanticising the idea of grooming to certain extent. Yes it shows the aftermath but when the first half was supposedly the grooming, that felt like a lot more powerful. What follows seems to be very uninteresting. Even them meeting again after months feels pointless.

Nick Robinson is still doing his best work. Granted, he does not have a lot to do here and I feel like his emotional scenes are still ahead but it's evident he is the star here. I'm giving back 0,5 stars for just the sheer sadness Robinson manages to portray through his eyes.

I now simply wish the show would somehow deliver a strong 10th episode to tie it all together because at this point I'm not impressed.

Rating 2.5

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