A Teacher

A Teacher ★★

A Teacher is a 10 episode look into the toxic relationship between a teacher and her student, a 17yo high schooler. Kate Mara plays the teacher, Nick Robison the student.

The first half of the show, about 4 episodes, focus on the build up to their sexual relationship. Supported by a strange soundtrack that makes it seems this is a music video you should enjoy. There are some truly weird song choices here.

Despite the contradictory feelings from the first half where I felt as if A Teacher was romanticising the relationship between an adult and a teen, I figured they'd turn it around in the second half. Do a 180, show the actual horrible mental, emotional and physical affects this would have on a teen boy.

Instead the show lingered episode after episode on just nothing. The aftermath was almost brushed over and while episode 9 gave us a glimpse into Robinson's characters mental state, the 10th simply jumped like 10 years ahead of time? And during those last 20 minutes you just... felt nothing. You saw Robinson try his hardest to pull out a good performance but the script just didn't allow him to do so. There just was nothing there, and suddenly it's over.

A Teacher is a very bad attempt to tell a story of a toxic relationship. It tries to be cool when it should be far from that. It tries to fit in too hard into a genre that it seems to completely miss the point of. The balance here is missing. The sexual tension part, the relationship part is far more affective compared to the aftermath. It should be the other way around.

This was a 4 star rating up until episode 3 and from the 4th it went down. With the 9th I raised the score from 2 to 2,5 but now we're back to 2. Frankly, I'd give it even less but I just like Nick Robinson too much so I'll give him a whole full star.

I reviewed some episodes separately in a review, you can read it here.

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