Sound of Metal ★★★★★

I loved it! ❤️

Riz Ahmed is amazing in this one and the sound design is so special. The movie progresses in a very slow manner and time isn't well established here but it's still captivating. There is beauty in the stillness, for those who have seen the movie, it will make a lot of sense.

This is a beautiful movie and a frightening one at that. To let go of something so important.. Riz really embodied that in his character and you felt it. You felt those emotions, those subtle bursts of anger, fear, frustration, joy, calm, confusion, love. It was all there.

While Riz is not part of the deaf community, his character in the beginning isn't either. But there are a lot of deaf actors here and one of the supporting roles is played by a guy who's parents are deaf. So I feel like everyone involved gave the movie the heart, the passion it has.

Sound of Metal might not be perfect to everyone but it sure as hell is to me.

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