• Coffee Prince

    Coffee Prince


    venturing into og kdramas has started on a high note!
    coffee prince is pretty darn good. if it wasn't for its last two episodes that bring in unnecessary drama to spice up an already spicy enough plot i'd call it a total winner.
    it starts off with a mistaken identity, and as wikipedia states, homoerotic scenes. honestly it was a fair bit of cringe at one point and i felt sorry for the main guy but the script handled it…

  • Oh My Venus

    Oh My Venus


    this is not the worst kdrama i've seen so far but it is the most offensive.
    it tackles the weight problem and if you're a bit familiar with korean standards you can imagine the sheer nature of this show.
    it started rough and i honestly thought it was awful. then it gradually got better and it actually made me laugh.
    the middle was alright, the fact that the main female character was still confident when "overweight" really proved that looks…

  • Because This Is My First Life

    Because This Is My First Life


    a kdrama based on a fake relationship plot? yes please! this one was a pleasant surprise for me because a) had a fake relationship b) HAD THE CUTEST CAT EVER! and the cat was on the screen basically in every episode so it was just cuteness overload for me.
    i loved the dynamic between the main characters, the set up for the plot was great and fun. this was just. pure joy honestly!
    i've now entered a point where i find comfort in such dramas. i don't know why but they bring me joy.
    don't ask me to explain it. i wouldn't be able to.

  • Dune



    i liked it. i have not much else to say about it. yes, the plot itself is simple but there's something comforting about that. it doesn't get too messy.
    the visuals carry this movie. the cinematography is gorgeous and i'm happy to have seen it on a big screen.
    timothee chalamet was also good. but to be fair, i like him as an actor and it's easy for me to like him.
    oscar isaac and jason momoa provide the daddy…

  • Squid Game

    Squid Game


    i feel like i shouldn't give it a whole five stars because there might be a second season. for that i take off a star because the open ending works so well and was meant as it is. if s02 doesn't come, i'll pump it to five stars.

    in recent months i've watched many kdramas so to see squid game become so popular makes me happy. it is brutal, it is scary and it feels too real. it's very human…

  • Run On

    Run On


    if it weren't for the lacklustre ending i would have liked this a bit more.
    the story follows this socially strange athlete who meets a movie translator through an unfortunate event. it's a funny encounter especially because the main guy is very different and blunt when it comes to speaking.

    some reddit thread discussed the possibility of him being on the spectrum which i can definitely see. it's not specified in the show but in a way it shouldn't be.…

  • Her Private Life

    Her Private Life


    the more i think about it the less i like her private life.... but it's just not necessarily bad just forgettable a bit.
    the main plot revolves around this woman who is a kpop stan of this particular idol and keeps that part of her life hidden. sort of like your hannah montana type situation if hannah was the hardcore fan.
    then she gets a new boss who is quite strict and rarely shows his emotions, he is also an…

  • It's Okay to Not Be Okay

    It's Okay to Not Be Okay


    this one came highly recommended to me and i can say that i was rather pleased with it.
    it does high light the importance of mental health and does it sort of well. i'm not gonna attack it for having a neurotypical actor playing an autistic man cause i feel like it's not my place. i don't know enough background to make any assumptions. there's definitely room for growth and i can tell that this show tried its best to…

  • Romance is a Bonus Book

    Romance is a Bonus Book


    i binged this so fast you have no idea.
    while so PG to a point of boring this kdrama has a lot to offer.
    i loved that it revolved around a publishing house, i liked that the main leads had been friends for 20 years, i liked the female lead being a bit older and having a divorced single mom. it added a bit of dimension to the story despite the fact that the kid was barely there (boarding school)…

  • Free Guy

    Free Guy


    fun and funny.
    the concept feels fresh while the plot is predictable.
    ryan reynolds always plays the same type of roles but i'm not mad at it because he does it in such an enjoyable way.
    had some good laughs and wouldn't mind seeing it again.
    not the best of the year for me but definitely makes it to the top 10.

  • Nevertheless,



    4,25 out of 5

    there's a lot about this kdrama that i wanna say.

    first of all it's one of my favourites for sure! despite the fact that it becomes messy in the second half and never explores the main characters as deeply as it should. we get only 10 episodes which i think is better than 16 but it could have been 12. just a few more episodes to dwell deeper into the mindset of the main duo and…

  • Hairspray



    it has its moments and 'run and tell that' is still so darn good!
    watching this reminded me of how much i love amanda bynes - i love SO MANY of her movies for nostalgic reasons and i wish her all the best and hope she's doing okay!