This Is the End

This Is the End ★★★★

This clever and very foul-mouthed send-up of rapture films like Left Behind is also a remake or re-imagining of Ghost Busters, complete with its own heaven-set pop-dance number.

Co-Director Rogen is at his most natural here, I guess because he's playing some version of himself, and the other actors, particularly a sharp Jay Baruchel, who I think wants to be Charlie Chaplin, seem to be having a lot of fun, too. There's nary a strained moment, which is even more remarkable considering the overabundance of dick/cum/butt-sex jokes and the fact that the only woman in the film, Emma Watson, runs off the screen with an axe in her hand after a long round of rapey humor. Very homosocial, to say the least. It's a Post-Gay Bropocalypse!

Lively, irreverent and politically incorrect, and therefore almost joyous in tone, I'll probably watch it again. The film's obsessed with its own self-flexivity and that could have been annoying but the accompanying self-deprecation is seemingly genuine.

Channing Tatum's cameo is hilarious (also creepy) and maybe it's worth watching just for the giant swinging demon-dick and what eventually happens to it.

EDIT, 11/4/2013: After giving it some thought and watching it again, I'd like to appropriate Deidre English: This film gives proof to the concern that gay equality would free straight men first.

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