Victoria ★★★★

I saw this film a few days ago and now I regret that I`ve only write the review today, because now I feel that I´ll rate this in a more rational way. However I will see this again, just in case that my thoughts of this movie are correct and also because I actually liked to watch it.
In my opinion, the plot isn’t the best yes but this was filmed in one take and in real time, so that’s explains why the plot isn’t nothing especial, because I think one of the main goals of this film is to feel the moment, the emotion, the trill of one night that could all go wrong in a life of a simple Spanish lonely girl. It’s to embrace the connection of a few strangers as well as they get to know each other. So I kind understand the simplicity in some moments of the movie and also some of the characters developments. Yet I´ve to admit is one of the weakest points.
Now about the performance of the actors there’s nothing to say, they were really good. They delivered very well and worked well with the camera work – Camera work was amazing by the way, one of the strongest points there.
So yes, this clearly isn’t a masterpiece or something else but still is a very good film that a recommend to watch.
3 words that describes it almost perfectly: Unique, real and different.

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