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  • First Man

    First Man


    Moon = GREAT, Gosling = GOOD, Set/cinematography = FINE, Pacing = OK

  • A Star Is Born

    A Star Is Born


    Now Lady Gaga, good on you for bringing down the house. Bradley, good on you for harnessing all the talent. 5+ nominations for Oscars. EASY. One of the better movies of the year, a weird look at how a celebrity director acts in a celebrity movie about how celebrities act.

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  • Amadeus



    Watched this in the Municipal House in Prague as a memorial to Miloš Forman’s death. An incredible movie that deserves all recognition. From the editing to the authenticity of props, costumes, sets, it is close to a perfect movie for me.

  • Out of Africa

    Out of Africa


    Maybe im enthralled with the setting and the premise but I loved this movie. I don’t know if it deserves the landslide of Oscars (best sound, supporting actor, editing???) but Meryl and the entire story are a strong testament of women shining and excelling in their own right. 

    I see a bit of my own heritage in the movie and gained a TINY bit of understanding and context with what my family experienced. This personal connection is a large influence why this movie speaks to me. The personal relevance can transform any good film into a subjective favorite.