La Jetée

La Jetée ★★★★½

Alright, forget what I said about the best film a college teacher has shown me, because my photography teacher blew it out of the water with this one today. And it’s kind of surreal and topical that I saw Twelve Monkeys about a week before this one, especially since Twelve Monkeys is great inspired by this strange French film. And for good reason too.

I love the creativity present. I love how it reverts filmmaking to it’s previous state to experiment within itself. Photography is such an important aspect of filmmaking, so it’s cool to have that be the primal focus of this feature. There’s loads of great composition and really interesting frames presented. The narration gives the story the direction, but it almost doesn’t need it. It’s such a solid visual presence that you could pick up most of the themes by just looking at it. 

I really dug the imagery, (if you can’t tell) especially the way it handled the lighting with harrowing whites and deep shadows. Makes every photo feel natural to it’s established atmosphere. The composition was really tight and kept with the tone of the film. There’s a lot to appreciate within this short duration, but what I appreciate the most is that even after all these films I’ve come across, I can still see something so different and original. It’s life-affirming honestly, just how much this medium can bend. I love it. Cinema is truly everlasting.