Dunkirk ★★★½

I'm sorry I didn't love this film, please don't hate me letterboxd. I'll admit I went into the film a bit sceptical to begin with as I'm not really a fan of war films, but I had expected to enjoy this anyway. First of all, technically it was outstanding and I completely understand why it has been so highly praised. However, I felt very detached from this film while viewing it due to there being almost no characters that I actually cared about. I just didn't connect with them or feel the fear and desperation that they would have been experiencing. The exception to this was Cillian Murphy's character, although I think this was due to Murphy's performance more than anything. I just wasn't invested in the outcome of any of these storylines, and so I spent the majority of the film just appreciating how well made it was while not actually caring about what was happening. If you watched the trailers to this and thought that you would enjoy it then you most likely will; I'm just disappointed that I didn't.

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