Double Indemnity

Double Indemnity ★★★★½

Suspense! Murder! Romance! All set under milky shadows and the moonlight bathed streets of LA. So many scenes in this movie I could've sworn I'd seen before, that's how influential and iconic this thing is. This is noir at it's fullest potential. Graceful, twisty, stylish, and a great big bundle of fun! Acting, editing, score, and especially the direction from Billy Wilder; it's just about impeccable on every level. But above all, this movie is really, truly, deeply gripping. The plot and it's intricacies had me enraptured from moment one and the tension only continued to rise with each subsequent scene, the entertainment value following closely behind. This is as cool as it gets. Everything I knew it could and would be, infused with enough style and fun to fuel a dozen pictures! All culminating in an ending for the ages. A true classic!

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