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  • 1917



    To Preface this, I think the fact that we’ve shifted the arrow on war movies enough to demand this level of technical mastery is something to celebrate. I just wish this movie said more. I feel like it was a feat unto itself; “we are going to tell this movie in ~3 shots because we can, because it’s difficult” isn’t exactly right, but being in real time did help the sense of urgency which aided the plot. But at the end…

  • Goldman v Silverman

    Goldman v Silverman


    This was extremely kinetic like all the rest of the Safdie’s modern work and was very fun to watch, though I feel it didn’t really have a third act.

    (Watched on phone)

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  • Thunder Road

    Thunder Road


    This was so god damn funny and heartfelt at the same time. I watched this on an airplane and kept laughing out loud. Jim Cummings has some of the best comedic timing I’ve seen in a while; also, really interesting choice of shots? He likes having people talking off camera with us just seeing his reaction which worked really well to bring us to empathize with him. It lost some momentum in the last third and I didn’t feel like it tied up its narrative threads *completely* (the abrupt ending didn’t help) but overall this was a really wonderful find.

    (Watched on an airplane)

  • Dolemite Is My Name

    Dolemite Is My Name


    Decent biopic, but it’s great to see Eddie Murphy back!!

    (Watched on laptop)