Tampopo ★★★★★

I adore food. I adore Mahler and Lizst. I enjoy Tati and the few Westerns I see. So a movie that combines all of them? Bliss. This was so full of joy and hysterical comedy and a genuine love of food. The main storyline of getting a team together is good enough already, but the episodes the film does as interludes are just as great, one of the first times I can say that. This thing just oozes with charisma, I was beaming the whole time. Usually movies that don’t feel “cohesive” bother me, but this entire thing just felt like such a love letter to those who cook and those who enjoy cooking that I was thoroughly engaged throughout. And the classical score was some of the best I’ve heard. I will be rewatching this soon!

(Watched on laptop)