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  • Palo Alto

    Palo Alto

    Honestly I wanted to hate this movie, and was pleasantly surprised when I watched it and it was in fact terrible. The acting was horrible, the story was unoriginal (blame Franco's book), and overall it was a sucky, whitewashed movie that left me with no take-aways other than "please stop the Coppola women from making movies." Francis Ford was good, Sofia and Gia direct movies like tumblr pictures-- bland, overly filled with attractive white people, and trying too hard.

  • The Frontier

    The Frontier


    Saw this at the northampton international film fest, it was a little slow at first, and the storyline seemed weirdly familiar, but ultimately I enjoyed it. I really enjoy films with this sort of style of tri-narrative storytelling where we sort of follow each individual in figuring things out. Although I felt like the romance part was a little forced, the acting was surprisingly good. At the festival , the producer said that they filmed it in about 21 days,…

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  • Mr. Nobody

    Mr. Nobody


    honestly this isn't the type of movie i would normally watch, it seemed very "hollywood" and sci-fiy and i wasn't really interested upon reading the netflix description at first. however, i was really feeling jared leto at the time so i thought "why not?" and watched it.

    i really really enjoyed this movie. although there were a lot of parts that were incredibly overdone and cheesy and a tiny bit campy, i thought the overall loveliness of this movie made…