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Jordan Peele has kind of always existed in my peripheral vision. I never really watched Mad TV growing up but I knew who he was and that he was funny in it. 

I never watched Key & Peele either. I'd seen a few sketches here and there and once again, I was reminded that Jordan Peele was funny in it. 

I did watch Keanu and I liked it. Again, I walked away reminded that Jordan Peele was funny. 

Well after finally seeing Get Out, Jordan Peele has my full attention. He's very funny. He's also a fucking genius. 

The way Peele navigates the tropes of horror, comedy and racial satire without missing a beat is beyond impressive especially considering this is his directorial debut. I can't wait to see what other "social demons" he plans to highlight in the future. 

Also the theater experience for this was awesome. Probably the best time I've had at the movies since I saw THE WITCH last year. Watching this with an audience that just got it was wonderful. I implore you to see this while it's still in circuit if you can because it's 100% worth it.

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