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This review may contain spoilers.

Joker blew my mind. Every single scene Joaquin Phoenix was in left me speechless, and I was completely infatuated with the character he played during the duration of the movie (which isn’t an easy feat because I have a short attention span and the movie was 2 hours long) 

Todd Phillips, the director, did a wonderful job of portraying the incredibly gritty, sinister, and often two-faced world of Gotham. Nowhere in the city did life ever seem as happy go lucky as it appeared to be on the Murray Franklin talk show. It provided the audience with a sickening contrast between the upper and lower class lives. And inside that dim lit room, it became more clear that television show was truly the only light to be found in Jokers life. 

Whenever Joker retreats within his imagination, re-enacts the exact movements of the guests on the talk show, talks to himself, etc, the desperation and sadness is almost overwhelming. It’s like a punch to the gut. This film is loved dearly, I’m convinced, because many people see themselves within the character. We witness his mental illness consume him little by little, which is truly haunting for the audience, possibly even more so if you have a mental illness yourself and have ever struggled to find help for it. 

So.. yeah, I’d totally watch it again.

And how awesome was that scene on the train?? Oh my god, that had me gripping the edge of my seat!!

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