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  • Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

    Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse


    Spider-Man Ranked

    'Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse' is simply breathtaking - it's almost too much to absorb. With all its wonderful characters and extraordinary visuals, this film was nothing like I'd ever seen before.

    This movie was funny but it had its tragic moments. It so carefully and effortlessly developed not only one Spider-Man but six. I'm so grateful for this film introducing me to Miles - he seems like a legend.
    Obviously, the visuals and cinematography in this are beyond…

  • Speed Racer

    Speed Racer


    Things I know about ‘Speed Racer’:
    - I love it
    - It is very nostalgic for me - I miss being little
    - It is basically an animated film occasionally starring real people (imagine how much green screen they used lol)
    - I love Emile especially when he is a *sad boi*
    - The Racer family are family goals (they all love each other and they’re not afraid to say it and I’m not afraid to cry when they say…

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  • The Wrong Guy

    The Wrong Guy


    Film Club #5
    Film Club Ranked

    'The Wrong Guy' was just so weird and quirky and not like other movies I'd seen before. The story is cute - it was a bit slow to start but by the end of the film, I was laughing the entire time. Going into this film, I had no idea what it was about and literally did not know any of the actors in it. Overall it was a really good experience.

  • Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

    Once Upon a Time in Hollywood


    2019 Movies Ranked

    I really am at a loss for words. 'Once Upon a Time in Hollywood' just left me feeling bewildered, worn out, happy, dejected, confused. I've only seen two Tarantino films but I felt something different about this film. It had a relatable quality to it. It was melancholy, heartfelt and funny. The tragedy of the film, as my sister expertly put it, is that it's a fairytale. You think everything at the end is fine and everyone…