Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood ★★★★★

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I really am at a loss for words. 'Once Upon a Time in Hollywood' just left me feeling bewildered, worn out, happy, dejected, confused. I've only seen two Tarantino films but I felt something different about this film. It had a relatable quality to it. It was melancholy, heartfelt and funny. The tragedy of the film, as my sister expertly put it, is that it's a fairytale. You think everything at the end is fine and everyone is happy - it is in this version of the story. The film is so hopeful but it has its brutal moments. The entire time, I was waiting for THAT moment (you know what) and it never came and I can't really tell if that was better or worse.

Literally everyone in this film is great, especially our three stars Leo, Brad and Margot. Their performances are all so understated yet developed and tangible. The production design of this film is also really nice and the atmosphere was almost friendly.

This is a movie that left me with a lot of questions but with a lot of theories of my own. I really built an emotional connection with all of the characters and though I know Tarantino's films are always entertaining, I've never really felt that before. I was reading some other people's reviews and they keep mentioning the lack of revenge and the focus on the regular lives of these more-than-regular characters. I like this feeling: I'm sad but I'm fulfilled.

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