Death Note

Death Note ★★½

I consider Death Note to be my favorite anime, having watched it multiple times and recommending it to several friends I know. When I heard Netflix was going to make a live action movie of it, I was skeptical. Don't get me wrong this movie is great if you have no knowledge of the original anime or manga but this completely strays from it at the same time. Within the first fifteen minutes they had already removed entire plot lines and run with their own. Nat Wolff gives a nice portrayal of Light Turner but it's nothing to rave about. The only real thing I enjoyed while watching was Willem Dafoe's Ryuk. This movie was also very visually appealing at some moments and I enjoyed more than I thought I would. 

Watch this if you have no further knowledge of the original anime or manga but if you have read or watched Death Note, you might just be left feeling disappointed like I was. Overall I was happy with some parts but I just couldn't wrap my head around some ways they decided to take this.

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