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  • The Platform

    The Platform


    Not a good idea to eat while watching this...

  • Ride


    Is this a joke?

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  • Annihilation



    I don`t know if it`s the actual reason, but if it is: it`s such a shame that this movie is taken off the big screen because it`s too intellectual
    Firs of all: it`s destroying the experience for us that actually wants to see this visually stunning movie in the theater
    Second: this is the kind of movie people actually should see, some movies should challenge us intellectually og philosophically

    This movie made me think a lot. It creeped me out a lot. But I also liked it- a lot

  • Okja



    Wow, just wow
    This movie is amazing, in every way possible
    The message is so important and well handled
    The visuals are amazing, both the landscapes, the contrast between the city and forest, the costumes, the visuals on the superpigs, and everything else in the movie
    The friendship between Okja and Mija is beautiful
    If this movie dosen`t make you want to go vegan or vegetarian, you have no heart
    The acting is amazing, every actor understood their character
    It`s funny and serious at the same time, perfect balance
    GO SEE THIS MOVIE (please)