Lady Bird

Lady Bird ★★★★★

i rewatched lady bird tonight. i get it now. i used to give this movie 4/4.5 stars just because i thought it was overhyped and didn’t understand why. i think part of my annoyance for the film was because of how much i see myself in christine. yes, i know everyone can relate to her, but me and her and pretty much the same in every aspect. we have the same personality, dreams, experiences with relationships, and even pretty much the same mother. i remember people always told me how much i reminded them of christine, and one person told me our resemblance was almost scary. i always would just roll my eyes and say thanks, because i never saw it. i see it now. i was pretty much indenial because we have the same flaws, and i didn’t want to see that i had them. i watched lady bird tonight for the 4th time in complete awe. i was crying almost the entire time. i see myself in christine, so much that it terrifies me, mainly because she is a fictional character. wow. i don’t even know what else to say. i’m crying while writing this. wow.

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