Gone Girl

Gone Girl ★★★★★

👁 🔨 a literal sociopath and i LOVE HER. i’m that cunt you married... senior quote worthy. literally a rollercoaster from being scared for her to being scared OF her. buckle up 💺 this might be my longest review yet.

i seriously am in love with whoever plays amy dunne(sorry i don’t remember) like idk how they made her look so innocent but also so fucking scary at the same time. also ben affleck plays an abusive asshole really well kinda creepy... the hammer to the eye and the bloody sex with neil patrick harrison are the scenes that really stuck out to me idk like i will remember those scenes forever it’s etched into my brain😭 i’ll never look at a hammer the same way again..... also every single monologue amy did.... they play it at graduations, weddings.. also her literally trapping the man she loves in a permanent relationship with her as punishment for his whorish ways??? girl you’ve done it again constantly raising the bar for all of us.. i’m like 5 years late but whatever i love this movie so much

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