Alien³ ★★★

"Shaddup! It's alright to say shit. It ain't against God."

You'd never tell Fincher came from music videos! It's a grim-as-fuck film but I do appreciate the Alien Universe's unrelenting cosmic pessimism - almost every single part of this film is drenched in despair, amazing a major studio backed it. And it is nice to see the franchise return to straight horror and terror instead of continuing down the easy action path. But honestly, really have to compliment Weaver on going there. She dives right into the abyss.

But boy. Aliens is this massive success story that everybody loved. How do they follow it up? By immediately telling us, "Actually guys, the truth is that nobody survived the disaster on LV-426 - there was no happy ending, Ripley and Newt and Hicks were dead the moment they went to sleep. Now here, we have this dirge for you." It certainly is in keeping with the Alien formula, however... nobody survives these things! Only the Company endures. Well, maybe half a person...