Aliens ★★★

It's got some problems, and it can be very difficult to take Jim Cameron. But I'm just a boy at heart and goddammit some of this is the coolest stuff I've ever seen. I mean there just isn't another film like this. And it's worth noting that this inherits a horror universe. I recently revisited Terminator 2 and was struck by how many sequences played out like literal nightmares coming true, so many heavy horror elements. Cameron would appear to excel at action horror. And I love that a film so steeped in the horror genre proved to be such a massive hit with audiences and then a classic. Cameron only makes blockbusters, Aliens was his third fucking film. Piranha II, Terminator, ultra ambitious Aliens.


You cannot reuse the same tracks of scoring in your movie! Especially a few MINUTES after you just used one for the biggest climax of all time. You can repeat motifs within the scoring - but reusing the same exact tracks, which were certainly only written with one scene in mind? Major foul. I don't know how anybody is able to put this out of their minds, to me it completely distracts from otherwise awesome moments.

Postscript: actually, is it horror or terror? I'd say it is heaping amounts of both.