More successful than each of Nolan's Batman films - you recall, Nolan, the guy who "reinvigorated the genre with realism" ten years ago with his DC films. You know, those films that were reverent and mordant to the extreme, a quality people seemed to hate a hell of a lot more when Zack Snyder was doing it with his DC films? Move a little further down that spectrum and we've arrived at James Wan, the Lieutenant Governor of Hack City, and his outright pornographic utilization of CGI. Major profits for major films seem directly proportional to their service as family-safe amusement park rides, and this seems to suit Wan just fine - he’s what a family does on a trip to Las Vegas.

There is just so much laziness in this ocean world. No research. No myth. No topical relevancies. No remote attempt to address physics, light, language, anything… It’s a lazy cash-grab assembled from countless pieces of popular juvenalia. It just doesn't give a damn about ideas. So it can go to hell.

I do however support making your villain a circa 90's Julian Sands. Boy they should've cast him...