Wonder Woman ★½

Surprisingly weakest in its CGI and action - and its cartoon villains, specifically the growling glowing 2D Huston alongside "Doctor Poison". Not so much supervillains as they are an out-of-place death metal duo. But let's face it: there's just no serious way of selling a glowing truth whip.

It may seem empowering and Godot - that is, Gadot - is very good, but I couldn't help but think of Emily Blunt in Edge of Tomorrow and how refreshing it felt to see a strong female character portrayed without a hint of sentimentality. Can't say the same for Diana, who occasionally engages in flirtatious comic relief and who too often ceded the central stage to Chris Pine. And who was used to peddle Think Thin diet bars.

Wonder Woman succeeds most in the moments when Gadot is reacting with increasing vexation to the immorality of mankind. Frankly I think the Batman property has a similar problem that it's never satisfactorily answered: why is Gotham worth saving? In this case it's: why are men?

Really glad to see Lucy Davis and David Thewlis. Such as it is.

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