Lady Bird

Lady Bird ★★★★★

i've seen this movie a good few times now...

but not since, well, early last year, i guess, now that it's 2020.

but even the small amount of growth that i've been through during the last year has impacted the way i see the world and art and everything in a big way.

i've always loved this movie.  A LOT.   but im seeing parts of it, and the whole of it for that matter, in an entirely different light now.  this movie is so fucking smart and warm and caring.  seems to be a running thing with director Greta Gerwig.  even after two movies, she's become one of my favorite working filmmakers, probably in my top 3 to be honest.

even more than the warmth, this film is completely honest and true.  there is so much of myself that i see in this movie, good and bad, but none of it is portrayed with judgement.  it's just honest.  from its portrayal of mother-child relationships to its discussion of self image and class and friendships and everything's all honest.  we are lucky to have this work, and this excellent screenwriter/director.  it's beautiful.

i'm literally crying at how much of a 5-star movie this is.  what the fuck was my last year "4 1/2 star" ass thinking.  this movie is excellent.

(P.S.  that DMB needle drop is fucking iconic ok bye.)