Lady Bird ★★★★★

for my fourth watch of lady bird, i decided to watch it with my mom. as soon as the movie began, she realised why i was showing it to her, and started tearing a little bit. as time goes by, this film gradually gains a bigger piece of my heart. 

it is not like other films; it does not have massive plot twists, not the most pronounced plot. it shows you life, life as a teenager, and life as a mother of one; how tough it can get, but also how much joy, discovery of ourselves,  it brings with it. 

i dont think i will ever be able to descrive in a review how in love i am with this film. how she tries so hard to be liked, how she tries to like herself, how she is never able to please her mother no matter what she does, and many other things in the way she acts that makes her so appealing. even though saoirse ronan is not 17, she makes you buy it; she knows exactly what to do and what not to, the expressions, the gesticules. 

i cannot wait to watch Little Woman and be able to see what greta gerwig is able to, once again.

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