Mamma Mia!

Mamma Mia! ★★★★

Has there ever been a movie this darn fun??? Like, maybe Paddington comes close, but did Paddington have Meryl Streep and Amanda Seyfried and lots and lots of shirtless boys?????? I think not! 

GOD I want to scrEAM about this movie it was so good! I’ve seen the musical three or four times in my life and I’ve always loved it, but being poor and such I was always so dang far back that I could never see any human faces. Like, even with binoculars. Seeing all of the musical’s joy and vibrancy translated into such an accessible form for anyone makes my heart want to burst! Close-ups on all the cast, absolutely gorgeous. The beach landscapes? Breathtaking. The sweeping camerawork? Phenomenal. 

And as completely perfect as the movie was as a whole, one of my favorite parts was the Super Trouper sequence at the Bachelorette party— so often in these kinds of scenes, you get a character that’s up on stage, sees something distracting in he audience, and loses their ability to sing/perform. Not Meryl Streep’s character here, no! She goes on! Unfazed! Like a real, strong woman!! 

So yeah women are amazing and it’s so refreshing to just sit back and let this much fun wash over you every once in a while (plus a little surprise representation never hurts!). I CANNOT WAIT to go see the sequel this weekend with my grandma, my sister, and my mom! Long live joyful women!

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