Dunkirk ★★★★★

Dunkirk is not a movie. It's art. It's another gorgeous masterpiece of a painting that Christopher Nolan has created. The visuals & editing in the painting is near-perfect. With the exception of Mark Rylance, Tom Hardy, Cillian Murphy, Kenneth Branagh & Harry Styles. The rest of the cast is relatively unknown. It doesn't matter, everyone did a great job in a movie that's not really character-driven nor doesn't have a lead. Speaking of which.

The lead actor who has most of the dialogue comes from the legend himself, Hans Zimmer! His collaborations with Nolan has been nothing but amazing. Here, with his instruments, he completely soars & takes over the film when needed with a little bit of tick-tock sound in there to further more get the audience more on the edge-of-their-seat during the film's biggest gripping moments. This is literally one of his greatest works of his career. He's long due to winning his 2nd Oscar, this could be it.

Dunkirk is as good as it gets with true war stories. It's visually stunning, gripping, staggering & emotionally satisfying. It's Nolan's most personal movie to date. It's one of the greatest war movies ever made up there with the greats such as "Saving Private Ryan". It's something you really have to see on the big screen to believe. This movie SHOULD get Nolan that overdue Oscar nom.

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